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Hotels in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Dominican RepublicIn Puerto Plata you will find one of the most complete Dominican Republic destination, with white sandy beaches and golden Victorian homes, historic area, the Mount Isabel de Torres and its cable car, you can also enjoy adventure tourism with 28 jumps or falls of Damajuagua and World Ocean, the Caribbean’s largest dolphinarium.
Puerto Plata is the largest and most important city of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Dozens of hotels line along its coast and receives many thousands of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.
Similar to the capital Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata has a seafront Malecon or more than 6 kilometers long. At one end is the strong and the fortress of San Felipe, one of the first in America and best preserved in the present day. Built in the sixteenth century to defend the island from possible invasion is now an interesting museum that houses an exhibition of historic photographs, weapons and cannons used in battle for independence.

Puerto Plata also has a similar Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. The statue of Jesus Christ of 16 meters is at the top of the Pico Isabel Torres National Park Pico Isabel Torres. This is a nice excursion to recommend done. You can climb to the summit by cable car and from there a fabulous panoramic view of the bay of Puerto Plata.
Puerto Plata is a very clean and orderly than other cities. In the center of the city is the Cathedral of St. Philip the Apostle of style “art deco”. Near to it the Independence Park, a beautiful and nice park pride of all the inhabitants of this city.

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