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Hotels in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Rió San Juan, Dominican RepublicRio San Juan is popularly known for its Laguna Gri Gri, a large mangrove lagoon where you can pick up and browse through their mysterious caverns and caves appeared by the erosion of time. Gri Gri is called because of the trees as part of its abundant vegetation on the shore.
Gri Gri Lagoon is a haven for those who love nature and is a perfect place to observe different types of birds in their natural habitat. It is worth visiting. The boat ride starts at the lake, passes through a natural channel that leads to the mouth of it, and goes to Caletón beach, through the natural pool and the cave of the swallows.
There are organized excursions on boats with and without glass bottom, with the chance to snorkel or spend the afternoon at Caletón.

In Rio San Juan is Playa Grande, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, about 1 km of white sandy beach bathed by the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The waves of this beach makes it suitable for playing boogie boarders, surfers and surfers from all over the country come to it to take advantage of the waves. On the beach you can enjoy good food in the bars that are at the entrance, the house specialty: seafood.
Advice to travelers: This beach is not recommended for children, nor for people who can not swim, has strong currents and no lifeguards.
Caleton Beach is another beach in Rio San Juan, clear and calm waters ideal for a family beach day. Like Playa Grande, there are bars that prepare food, and the bather has the option to eat overlooking the sea or in the dining enabled in the center of all the bars. For the more adventurous can arrive by boat, which takes in the lagoon grigri.
Also this beautiful spa town has many freshwater and River Pines, among others.

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