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Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican RepublicSantiago de los Caballeros or simply Santiago is the second largest city in the country. Founded in 1495 during the first wave of Spanish colonization of the New World. Located in the north central region of the country known as the Cibao Valley, about 155 km northwest of Santo Domingo.
The city is the industrial center of the island, between the main lines of economic activity is the production of rum and snuff. On entering the city can see the Monument to the restoration of the republic, a white marble structure that rises 220 feet into the sky. The monument houses an outstanding collection of murals by Vela Zaneti and from it have a stunning view of the city.

The cobbled streets of the city offers visitors a tour of the rich history of the city. Almost every street has at least one colonial building and several have even ancient buildings of the Victorian era.
The best way to get around the city is on foot, although a ride on horse-drawn carriage, offers the possibility to see more places in the city. A good place to start your tour is the Museum of Santiago, located in a XIX century palace. Other sites of interest are the Museum of Snuff, the Cathedral of St. James, Tomas Morel Museum of Folk Art. The rum distilleries also attract the attention of tourists. Almost all the distilleries offer the way down a session to sample rums.
And do not forget that this city is the birthplace of the merengue, which emerged from this Dominican place several years ago. The pace of this Caribbean dance has developed into one of the most popular Latin dances in the world.

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